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Are you a student in high school, college or graduate school? Wondering what course your life will take? Do you just let it happen or do you take charge? But how? Career Direction offers you the opportunity to find out who you are so you can make the best choices for you. You will discover what your strengths and assets are. You will also find out how to develop those talents so you can design a life plan that fits only you. You will discover how to make that plan happen.

You will also be prepared for times when “stuff” happens and others get confused…but not you, because you are prepared. You will know how you solve problems, your learning style, your passions,…and what to do when you get “stuck in the hood.” You will know what tools (abilities, personality, interests, and lessons from your background) that you have in your “Back Pack” to address the adventure of career, leisure, education, interpersonal relationships…life.

Call Career Direction and get started gathering your tools and supplies for the trip called LIFE!