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"It was good! A value! I did change careers - and I discovered something. It allowed me to pick out my strenghts and talk about them during a job interview. It pointed me in a direction to a job I'd be happy in."

Isle of Palms, SC

"...Highlands...involves a battery of tests administeres by psychologists or trained counselors. Follow-up workshops are designed to help you apply what you learned from the tests."

Post and Courier,
Business Review

"Career Direction did give me a better understanding of myself and why I've made career decisions in the past. I really value the understanding of my gentic patterning. For example, my grandfather was active in the labor movement, my mother was involved in payroll, and now i'm manager of human resources for a medical service organization. I still refer to the program results - to see if I'm gleaning more information from the analysis and see how it fits with other directions that open for me as time goes on. It really confirms my belief that our choices are a natural evolution."

Charleston, SC

"The introspection is sometimes arduos - but it makes you clearly define a goal. It greatly aided me to assess my true abilities, and it really empowered me with self-knowledge to pursue a career that would be challenging and rewarding. I was an Engineer at the Charleston Naval Shipyard, but now I've been accepted into the MBA Program at the University of Tennessee. I'm really excited about that."

Charleston, SC